Is retirement in your near future?

Woodhead Insurance, in partnership with Hellenbrand Financial, is hosting an event on July 14th and 16th at NWTC. This informative event is meant to help people learn what they need Medicare-cardto know as they head into retirement.

It will teach attendees:
Basics of Medicare:
How to enroll
How it works
What it covers
When to sign up
When to delay enrollment

Retirement 101:
Social Security – How to get maximum benefits
Annuities – The different types, the positives and negatives of each
Long Term Care – Learn how different programs work, and about new “hybrid” options

This event is free and open to the public. It is not a sales pitch and there is no obligation. Space is limited, however, so your reservation is required. Please call the office at (920) 544-0058 to RSVP.