Medicare in the News Spring 2024

Is it covered?

This is often a question we get at our office and under most plans in the under 65 market that question often requires some research but when you are on Medicare you can call us to ask but you can also use the tool Medicare provides all beneficiaries. If you are on Medicare with a supplement or on a Medicare Advantage plan you have the same coverage rights. If Medicare says its covered then the Medicare Advantage plans also must cover it.  We are always available to make sure you understand your benefits but if you want to explore the tool, please read more.

About the website…

Navigating the complexities of Medicare coverage can be daunting, but offers a user-friendly solution. By accessing the official website, beneficiaries can easily determine what services and treatments are covered under their Medicare plan. With a few clicks, users can explore comprehensive lists of covered services, from hospital care to prescription drugs, tailored to their specific Medicare plan type. For instance, beneficiaries seeking clarity on coverage for a common medical need like a vaccine can quickly ascertain whether it’s included under their plan, thus eliminating uncertainties and potential out-of-pocket expenses. This invaluable resource empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare, ensuring they receive the treatments and services they need without unexpected financial burdens.

Furthermore, provides transparency and clarity, offering detailed explanations of coverage criteria and any associated costs. Users can access helpful tools such as the Medicare Coverage Database, which allows them to search for specific items or services to see if they’re covered.  With, individuals can confidently navigate their Medicare coverage, gaining peace of mind and assurance in their healthcare decisions.