News from the Woods

With the weather finally warming here in Wisconsin, Spring brings a time of change. At Woodhead Insurance, we would like to remind you of the importance of notifying us of any life changes you may have. Changes in your life can have an effect on many things, including insurance. Notifying us of these life changes allows us to make sure your health insurance continues to serve you. If you are not sure, call us at 920-544-0058! We’d love to hear from you and celebrate life’s milestones together.  Remember we don’t always receive your notices so you have to let us know if you want us to help.20441344_s

As your advocates, we want to make sure your benefits are protected and that updates are made promptly and accurately. Ensuring you get the most bang for your insurance buck, we offer a host of products around health insurance such as: accident policies, funeral trusts, simple life insurance, dental coverage, and a legal protection plan. You already know we don’t pressure anyone to purchase our products. A good product does not require a pushy salesperson, so feel free to give us a call and, “Window Shop” any of our products.  Find out the benefits and costs so you can make your own decision. Being an independent agent, we have a vast network of reputable companies and products.  If we don’t carry what you need, we can recommend a reputable and trustworthy provider to assist you.                                                                                                             Happy Spring! Diane Woodhead