Is Your Food Healthy?

Staying healthy is not easy.  There are many tools to track our calories, macros and build meal plans.  How do you know that the label and advertisements on your product are accurate? It is now common knowledge that not all our food is as healthy as we may think.  When you are at the store, if you see a label for organic, vegan or no added sugar you may think that item is your best option.  But is it?  Reading ingredient labels is a great way to make sure what you are buying is good, but do you always know what all the ingredients are?  And how do you know what would be a better alternative? We have found a resource to help, the Yuka app.

The Yuka app should be available to download from Google Play or the Apple Store, this is a free app.  Yuka gives an unbiased review of your products simply by scanning a barcode.  As with any app, it is not infallible or something you need to live by, but it is a helpful tool. 

When you scan a product using Yuka you will get a score out of 100 for your product along with a rating and information on why the rating is being given.  Maybe your food has additives that may be risky, you can click on a drop-down menu that will list the additives and if there is any risk associated with them.  The information on the additives is extremely helpful in that so many of these things have unfamiliar names.  Most people would not know that methylcellulose is a risk free additive, but titanium dioxide can be hazardous. If your item has a low rating, Yuka will also offer recommendations for similar items that have a better rating.  Once you start scanning you may be surprised, things you thought were healthy may have additives or be high in sodium.  Likewise, you may think something will show a low rating and get a good or excellent rating. 

We hope you find this tool as helpful as we have!