Calcium Score…do you know yours?

Heart disease continues to be the number one killer of both men and women. But when found early, heart disease can be treated and oftentimes reversed.

What is heart calcium scoring?

Heart calcium scoring is a screening test that can help reveal heart disease in its early stages, even years before you have a symptom. The test is fast, pain free and safe. There are no needles or dyes. It’s similar in many ways to receiving an x-ray. Yet the results can help save your life.

Who can benefit most?

In general, if you are a man over 30 or a woman over 40, or if you have the following risk  factors, you should consider having a heart calcium scoring:

¨ High cholesterol levelsheart health

¨ Family history of heart disease

¨ Diabetes

¨ High blood pressure

¨ Cigarette smoking

¨ Overweight or obese

¨ Physically inactive


This test is offered to you by most of our local area hospitals. Currently most insurance plans are not covering this screening  and that goes for Medicare too.  But it is very affordable. The test costs you about $50.00. Some do charge more so don’t be afraid to shop around.