Stay local it really matters

Don’t Be Scared… we’ve got you! Health insurance can be overwhelming and scary at times.  There are plenty of commercials, online ads and even people that go door to door.  Many times these situations use scare tactics, trying to push you towards a provider or plan that may not be your best option.  Never be afraid to say “no” or feel like you have to provide personal information to someone you are not comfortable with.

While there is a lot of informatio1505327765649n available to consumers, it can be difficult to interpret.  There is no need to feel intimidated; this is where your local agent can help you.  An agent should be there for you, to educate you on your options, help with issues and give you peace of mind; not only the day of your appointment but for years ahead.

Whether you have a simple question, or would like to stop by for an appointment please feel free to call our office 920-544-0058!  We are here to help you.