5 Reasons Why…

5 Reasons You Need Woodhead Insurance Services LLC, a Local, Independent Health Insurance Agency

When people choose to insure their medical coverage with an online insurance company or 800-direct company they’re giving up some HUGE benefits of working with a local, independent insurance agent.  We want to be your health insurance agents!

Here are 5 Compelling Reasons why You Need a Local, Independent Insurance Agent!

1.       You Have Somewhere to go if You Have a Question.

If you have an online insurance policy and need a question answered, you will likely have to call an 800 number.  There are long hold times, frequent transfers to various departments,  and /or repeating your situation/question to several representatives when you actually speak to a live person!  When you call your local, independent insurance agent you get a local, live, familiar, trusted person on the other end ready to take care of you. They’ll answer those urgent questions, or help you with your distressing claim, or provide service on your policy to make changes because they are interested in YOU!

 2.       Someone is Watching Out for You.

Your local, independent insurance agency will conduct a full review of you policy/policies at each renewal and when changes are made. If there are new discounts available, a new product to better protect your family, or more chances to save money on your insurance for your family they will tell you!  Your insurance agent wants you to save the most money while getting the best coverage’s possible and it’s their job to work between you and the insurance company to ensure this happens.  Insurance Agents are proud to know the majority of their policy- holders personally and watch out for YOU and your family!

 3.       They May Help You Save Money on Other Insurance Policies.

A major benefit to having a local, independent insurance agent is that they can help with all of your personal insurance needs and coverage’s for your family’s health.   Woodhead insurance Services LLC has an agent that knows your personal needs, your family’s situation, your assets/estate and can recommend policies and coverage to save you money and ensure you’re properly covered.

 4.       An Insurance Agent Can Keep Your Records in Order.

Your local, independent insurance agency is equipped with the latest in insurance industry technology while still offering the great face-to-face customer service you expect to receive.  Whether you have one or several policies, the agent in the office can access you information quickly and become easily familiar with your policy.  A familiar face/voice and up to date technology it can’t get better than that!

 5.       Having a Relationship with a Person.

These days, you can order pizza online, send flowers online, bank online, and go to school online.  The internet often replaces face-to-face interaction and it can be difficult to remember how beneficial it is to talk to a live person.  If you are in an accident, your computer cannot answer questions about your coverage’s or obtain certain paperwork for you.  Having a local, independent insurance agent offers the benefits of having a business relationship with an actual human being who cares for you and your family.

We love our clients here at Woodhead Insurance Services LLC. We only want the best for YOU that is why we are independent. We watch out for you not the insurance company. Call Today! 920-544-0058

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